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The 100 Mile Hamper

Here at PE foods, we are excited to bring you a brand new concept to add value to your business with minimum fuss and work.

We have done all the marketing and work for you, all you have to do is take the order and pack.

Introducing our new 100 Mile Hamper where everything has been sourced within 100 miles of your bakery.

Working with local artisan producers like yourself, we are proud to bring you the best this country has to offer in artisan produce.

Whether it’s a Xmas party, a ladies lunch, or an intimate picnic for two we have your customer covered.

Why just be the last stop on the way home for bread after sourcing the food items from someone else?

Ask your territory manager today how to get involved and make extra profit with little effort this party season.

Hamper Shopping List

HAMCASSL Vecchiet Casalingo Salami Sliced 500g

HAMCALYSL Vecchiet Casalingo Salami Sliced 500g

HAMTRSSL Vecchiet Salame Truffle Sliced 500g

HAMPVEC Vecchiet Prosciutto Sliced 500g

NVDBB130 Nimbin Valley Dairy Brooklet Brie 130g

NDVWCB180 Nimbin Valley Dairy White Cow Single Brie 180g

NVDTTCB180 Nimbin Valley Dairy Tintenbar Cream Brie 150g

NDVBLCAB180 Nimbin Valley Dairy Black Cow Triple Ashed Brie 180g

NVDTTCB150 Nimbin Valley Dairy Truffle Triple Cream Brie 150g

NVDCB150 Nimbin Valley Dairy Creamy Blue Cheese 150g

NVDMN150 Nimbin Valley Dairy Monte Nardi Mountain Cheese 150g

NVDNWR150 Nimbin Valley Dairy Nashua Wash Rind 150g

PRPBBP500 Pine River Pantry Bread and Butter Pickle 500g

PRPBBPC500 Pine River Pantry Bread and Butter Chilli Pickle 500g

PRPMPO500 Pine River Pantry Malted Pickled Onions 500g

PRPTKUS330 Pine River Pantry Tomato Kasundi 330g

BISSTNL500 Silver Tongue Sourdough Nude Lavosh 500g

BISSTSS500 Silver Tongue Sourdough Smoked Sea Salt Lavosh 500g

BISSTCS500 Silver Tongue Sourdough Celery Salt Lavosh 500g

BOXCATERM Catering Box and Lid Medium 10pc

BOXCATERS Catering Box and Lid Small 10pc

CUPSAUCE PP Sauce Cup with Hinged Lid 10pc

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