Wholesale Charcuterie Supplies

If you’re looking for a new appetiser to add to your restaurant’s menu, you may want to consider charcuterie. Charcuterie is a specialised way of preparing and serving meats such as bacon, salami, and other cured meats. These meats can be served along with different cheeses and nuts, pleasing your customers. Over the years, charcuterie meats have become popular among restaurateurs. With their growing popularity, the need to find a company that deals in wholesale charcuterie supplies to ensure you always have the requirements on hand to prepare your menu. The correct way to serve a charcuterie board is to have a mixture of flavours that are both contrasting yet complement each other, and your board should include foods with a variety of textures.

What You Need to Know About Wholesale Cured Meats

If you’re unsure what cured meats are precisely, they have been preserved through ageing, drying, brining, or salting. Cured meats are typically sold commercially and used by consumers for lunch sandwiches. Restaurants used cured meats as part of their appetiser menu, where they can be served with salad, cheeses, nuts, and bread. Buying wholesale cured meats ensured that your kitchen staff have these ingredients on hand so that your customers can enjoy these delicious appetisers.
  • The most commonly used cured meats in restaurants are of Italian descent. These include pancetta, which has been smoked with various aromatics, and prosciutto, which has been around for more than 500 years. Many Italian cured types of meat are made using pork products.
  • Not all cured meats are made the same. While you may think that once you have purchased your meats, you can simply serve them on your charcuterie board for your guests to enjoy, but some of them need to be cooked before serving. When serving cured meats, ensure they don’t need to be cooked first.
  • Buying cured meats wholesale ensures that you have a steady supply of the products. These meats have a longer shelf life than regular meats. However, once oxygen is introduced to the packaging, the shelf life diminishes. Store your cold cuts in airtight containers to preserve them.
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