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With the demand for plant-based food and catering increasing, keep your shelves and menu stocked with our unique wholesale vegan products.  

Find Out More About Our Vegan Food to Wholesale, Retail and Hospitality

We are vegan suppliers of an extensive and exclusive range of vegan products, including:
  • Ingredients and antipasto: Our delectable collection includes olives, select tinned, fermented and marinated vegetables, frozen vegetables, fruits and purees, and black garlic. You’ll also find ready-made baking and cooking additions such as Falafel mix, vegan Dashi Stock, La Rose Noire vegan tart shells, Pidy quiche pastry shells and Readybake pie shells. Enhance your savoury dishes or shelf selection with Saucy Wench sauces, jams, vinaigrette and oil, or Chefs Choice tahini paste. For sweet courses and baking sections, order from Bakels Cake Mix, OMG vegan, gluten-free cake, cookie, muffin, pancake and waffle mix, and don’t forget to stock our convenient vegan chocolate mousse piping bag.
  • Pantry: Look no further for all you need in grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, oils, herbs and spices, pasta, dried and freeze-dried fruits, dressings, cooking alcohol, agave syrup, organic coconut sugar, vanilla bean, and baking flavours and colours.
  • Food: Find Readybake gourmet rolls, wholesale vegan cheese, including Dilectio and Kehoe’s cashew cheese spreads, confectionaries such as Donut Boyz rings and balls, vegan Royal Danish, vegan and gluten-free Florentines, Kitz vegan and gluten-free chunks, bars and crackers, and Merna’s Vegan Crumpets.
In addition, we supply a broad selection of essential hygiene and packaging products, including baking and muffin paper, acetates, bags, cling wrap and foil, boxes and boards, disposables, cups and lids, and pie foils. Also available for your retail or catering needs is our range of cleaning products and equipment, including sanitisers, bins, bin liners, wipes, detergent, degreaser, polish, glass, multi-surface and floor cleaners, machine powder, plungers, bleach, dishwashing liquid, oven and grill cleaner, and paper towelling.  

What You Can Expect from Us as Your Vegan Food Supplier

We adhere to a solid guiding philosophy when it comes to our business, including the following advantages for yours:
  • Passion and proficiency: We ensure that all our Territory Managers are classically trained bakers and chefs with years of experience who retain a high level of dedication to their craft and the industry. As a result, you can count on authentic knowledge, skill and advice when selecting us as your supplier.
  • Proudly Australian: We go out of our way to support our nation’s smaller producers, helping to share their artisanal talent and products with you, the broader community of bakers, chefs, retailers and wholesalers.
  • Ethics-based values: We’re not just here to turn a profit. We genuinely care about improving and enhancing the industry and live by a code of respect, transparency and honesty. As your preferred supplier of safe, sustainable ingredients, food and products, we add value to your organisation and become, as we like to put it, the most ‘valuable ingredient in your business.
Our main supply partners include The Good Grub Hub, La Rose Noire, Pariya, Ravifruit, Asterisk Kitchens, Lirah Australian Vinegar, Cacao Barry, Old Bones Chilli Company, Pepe Soya and many more. In addition, should you struggle to find any ingredient, we will go to lengths to source it for you  

About P.E. foods

Founded in 1981 to serve the bakery industry, we’ve grown from strength to strength over the past 40 years, now offering over 7 000 products and ingredients, including niche and artisanal products and foods from local and international serving wholesalers, retailers, caterers and the hospitality industry in Northern NSW, Cairns and the Islands. As part of our expansion in recent years, we acquired Jimele Food Provedore in 2013, B&D Selected Fine Foods in 2016, France Gourmet and Epicurean Gold in 2017 and 2018, and Chefs Best in 2020. So, please place your order today or contact us for more information. When placing your order, keep an eye out for our monthly specials.