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Wholesale Chocolate Supplied in Bulk

P.E. foods is a wholesale chocolate supplier of the best quality chocolate, decorations and ingredients supplied in bulk. As your one-stop wholesale chocolate supplier, we can provide chocolate decorations, Callebaut chocolate, and Couverture chocolate to suit your baking and artisan needs. We can also supply you with wholesale chocolate ingredients for all your baking and speciality foods creations. At P.E. foods, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the food industry. We started in 1981 as an all-in-one supplier for the baking industry. Our experience allows us to be more than just a delivery service, as we offer technical know-how and hands-on working experience to guide and assist you effectively. Our mission is innovation through specialist food products and value-added solutions.  

Callebaut Couverture Bliss

Unlike regular chocolate, Belgian dark chocolate is ground to a more refined texture during the production process, and it contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter. It is not as bitter as it contains a lower cocoa content. Couverture contains a ratio of between 31% and 39% cocoa butter relative to other ingredients. It's shinier than regular chocolate when set and explicitly manufactured for dipping cookies and truffles or any delicacy, for that matter. Besides the higher percentage of cocoa butter in this chocolate, its ingredients are no different to regular chocolate. It is perfect for desserts and equally superb for decorations, fondue or a chocolate fountain. It is used and loved for its workability and has a typical taste that has remained constant over the decades.
  • Ideal for dipping and coating due to the shine. It is perfect in any candy recipe where you would want an overlay with a deep chocolate flavour, a gloss and a good “snap” when bitten into.
  • Couverture is not ideal for baking due to its higher percentage of cocoa butter, resulting in different behaviour. It is best to bake with baking chocolate and use the Couverture for dipping.
  • As it is already pre-tempered, melting the chocolate will destroy the tempered state of the chocolate, and re-tempering will be needed to retain the superior surface finish.
Rich in antioxidant compounds, it can improve cognition, lower blood pressure and increase circulation because chocolate is healthy too.  

All About Tempering Chocolate

Tempering chocolate is the heating and cooling of chocolate to stabilise it for making candies and confections. It gives the chocolate a smooth and glossy finish and keeps it from quickly melting, allowing it to set beautifully for chocolate-covered treats and dipping. It is a process of precisely controlling the temperature of the chocolate as it cools and hardens so that the best texture, colour, shine and snap is achieved. Here is a quick guide for tempering your chocolate. Make sure you have everything ready and handy, such as chocolate with velvety melting properties and the treats or moulds.
  • Warm the chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 30-second until the chocolate is melted evenly.
  • Continue stirring the chocolate until it has cooled to around 30F. If you want to hasten the cooling process, add some unmelted chocolate.
  • As soon as you achieve the desired temperature, return the chocolate to the microwave to re-warm, stirring every 10 seconds.
To make sure the chocolate is tempered correctly, you can dip a knife into it and let it cool for a few minutes. Tempered chocolate hardens rapidly, becoming a firm and glossy coating on the blade. If your chocolate is spotty or streaked, you will need to follow the process again. You will have to dip and decorate your treats quickly, as tempered chocolate cools and hardens rapidly. You can return the chocolate to the microwave for ten seconds to maintain the ideal temperature as you work. We are sure that your chef will have great fun creating tempered chocolate decorations and treats for your patrons. If you or your chef are ready to spoil your customers with something new, we have a divine chocolate tart recipe for you to try. The Carousel Tart is a chocolate tart with hazelnut jaconde, raspberry compote, raspberry jelly, chocolate cremeux, gianduja ganache, meringue kisses, and Chantilly cream. Your patrons will absolutely adore this magnificent treat. If, however, you are leaning more towards something savoury, you will absolutely love our Low-carb Parmesan Truffle Recipe. It is just fantastic, so simple to make and promises scrumptious enjoyment.  

The Most Valuable and Loved Ingredient

Trust P.E. foods as your chocolate supplier to meet all your bulk chocolate needs for those magnificent bake and speciality creations. When choosing among wholesale chocolate suppliers, we know that you will find P.E. foods provides the best quality wholesale chocolate supplies, with over 40 years of experience. Let us not only be your wholesale supplier but rather a valuable ingredient in your business success. Please browse our extensive collection of top-quality ingredients and ready-made treats to take your business to the next level. Contact us today for the best value ingredients for your bakery, restaurant or coffee shop.