Gluten-Free Wholesalers

Why Choose Gluten-Free Wholesalers

People who suffer from gluten allergies are used to a diet in which they consume gluten-free products. Over the years, many dieticians have highlighted gluten, and people have chosen to cut this particular ingredient out of their meal intake to live a healthier lifestyle. Due to the increase in demand for gluten-free food, many producers have started becoming gluten-free wholesalers to supply this demand. You can still enjoy all your favourite foods such as bread, different kinds of pasta, and even delicious pizzas without having to worry that you are breaking your gluten-free diet. Whether you run a bakery, restaurant or want to cut down on your shopping trips, you can buy all your gluten-free ingredients at a reasonable price. At P.E. Foods, we understand the importance of our customers buying fresh ingredients, which is why we ensure that all the products we sell are of the highest quality and will stay fresh on your shelf, waiting to be used in your next gluten-free dish. For those who aren’t master chefs, we sell a variety of Readybake products to make cooking that much easier.

What Sets Us Apart As Gluten-Free Products Wholesale Distributors

When you’re in the bakery industry, you want to ensure that you find a trustworthy supplier that supplies you with quality ingredients that will assist you with baking your next masterpiece. At P.E. Foods, we ensure that all our customers are 100 percent satisfied with the products we supply. Here are some reasons you should choose our products the next time you bake.
  • Saves you money. When you run a bakery or restaurant, you want to save money where you can without compromising the quality of the food you serve. Buying gluten-free products wholesale allows you to save money. We’ve sourced our products from only the best manufacturers, ensuring you receive the highest quality products.
  • Less commuting. When you’re running a business, you don’t want to constantly run to a store to buy ingredients or get halfway through your mixture just to find you're missing essentials. Buying in bulk lets you have peace of mind knowing your pantry is fully stocked with everything you need.
  • Environmentally friendly. If you buy your baking ingredients in small quantities at a time, you’re using more packaging that’s not good for the environment. Buying in bulk allows you to become eco-friendly as the environment is subjected to less plastic.

Tips Regarding Using Gluten-Free Bakery Ingredients

When you decide to bake using gluten-free ingredients, we recommend following the recipe as closely as possible. Gluten gives baked products light fluffiness and elasticity, so your recipes will change when you switch to gluten-free. Here are some tips for using gluten-free bakery ingredients.
  • Add a little flavour. Gluten-free products have a different flavour than gluten products. Adding different flavours, such as vanilla essence, can mask the unknown taste for your customers.
  • Prolong their shelf life. Gluten-free ingredients may have a shorter lifespan than regular ingredients, and by keeping these products in your refrigerator, you can prolong their shelf life and reduce wastage.
  • On occasion, your gluten-free flour may need to be rehydrated, and this can be done by adding slightly more liquid to the mixture, be careful that you don’t add too much liquid making your mix too runny.

Why Trust Us Regarding Bakels

At P.E. Foods, we have been supplying bakery ingredients made by top manufacturers like Bakels and Mega Chef for more than forty years. We continue to improve on the products we provide and constantly source only the best ingredients around to ensure you always bake using the best. Contact us for more information about our baking products.