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Patisserie, deli, bakery – we have the best quality artisanal foods for you, all in one place. We do everything we can to provide you with the most comprehensive range of artisanal foods and bakery supplies. Besides, we recently incorporated Jimele foods into our company to give you even more variety of the best frozen food for wholesale. As an additional value-added service to you, we have also embraced new technology, and you will soon be able to pay for your goods via our app. Online quality can’t get any easier than that. You can choose from over 7 000 artisanal or bakery goods, with fresh and frozen products available to ensure lasting flavour and freshness when your customers enjoy our delicious foods.  

Why You Need to Try Our Frozen Danish

If you have a shop that supplies artisanal foods or rare products, your customers might be extra picky in what they want, which is why you can count on us for the best quality for you and, thus, your customers. Have a look at all the goods we provide so you are ready for the next customer request and you can order from us immediately. We can supply from Northern NSW to Cairns and The Islands. Artisanal foods such as cold meat, cheese and patisserie, is loved by a niche audience who demand only the best products to serve their guests or as a treat for themselves. Artisan producers deliver better products because they respect the raw resources they work with and produce from the best. They have mastered their craft with the most negligible impact on humankind and the environment. They will also try and improve and perfect their products as far as possible, so you are left with guaranteed good quality food, made with passion and the best techniques.
  • We love the good things in life and supply you with all the goodness of bakery goods that you will need to create your works of art. Make your own gluten-free bread to keep your celiac-intolerant customers happy, or bake a sponge cake, Mississippi mud cake, red velvet, flourless cake, or vegan cake. You can get everything you need for your bakery for all dietary needs to keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Frozen food products. You want to give your customers the best variety of patisseries and baked goods, but you only have so much time to create delicious desserts. Order our frozen goodness and treat your customers to frozen macarons, Danish snails, Vegemite scrolls, or sweet apple and custard lattice. We offer cakes, desserts, cookies, frozen croissants, and ready-made doughnuts to seal the goodness of our kitchen to yours. As a frozen fruit supplier, you will also find the 100% Australian Carême pastry and frozen tart shells as well as fruits and purees to make your desserts, and your customers can enjoy after our bread or savoury pasties.
  • Give your customers added value with artisanal dairy products by ordering bulk from us. You can purchase blue cheese, other soft and hard cheeses, milk powder, cream cheese, grated cheese, and cream. Just add our eggs to your premix, and you are guaranteed quality ingredients; the rest is up to you and your team of skilled chefs.
  • Offer your customers the chance to impress their guests with the finest cold meat for their charcuterie board. We have a variety of salamis to choose from and duck rillette, mortadella, prosciutto, and extra special Salame Truffle Vecchiet.
  • Venturing further down the meat aisle, we offer the finest quality continental meat variety, Bulk order sliced or diced chicken, duck confit or caviar, scallops, squid ink or abalone sauce for your more refined customers looking to embark on a culinary journey in their own kitchen. We even have recipes that you can try yourself or share with your customers for added loyalty and return customers.
  • Surprise your customers with something they might not expect at your shop and stock Asian cooking goods. You can make some of the best soups, broths, curries and wontons and serve them something different or stock them in your shop to give them something new to try out in their kitchen.
Whether you prepare or sell it, you owe your customers only the best artisanal products to deliver the best, most exclusive dishes they have ever had. We aim to provide everything you need from antipasti to dessert, all in one place so you can be assured of quality goods all the way.  

How Our Wholesale Frozen Fruit Delivery System Works

Due to the nature of the products we supply, we wish to have an uninterrupted cold chain from our fridge to yours. With 40 trucks (and counting) on the road delivering artisanal goods and supplies, ready to be enjoyed or made into something delicious, we have a very efficient delivery system in place:
  • Where are our depots based? We have a Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville and NSW depot that each service the surrounding areas. They deliver to specific areas on certain days, so be sure you have a look at the schedule to plan your dispatch. We stock all our depots with the goods you will find online to ensure that we can quickly reach your location.
  • If you wish still to receive your artisanal goods on the same day, cut off is midnight, while for bakery goods, it is noon for next day delivery. The most important thing about ordering online is to ensure that you plan according to demand to have the products available to your customers as fresh as possible.
  • We have been servicing the industry for over 40 years. As an Australian-owned business, we support our local producers while we keep up with the latest delivery, cold chain, and tech developments to bring you the best goods you need as fresh and as quick as possible.
  • Some of our goods may only be available seasonally. Still, we can source most products for you. We will update the website accordingly if we no longer have a specific item in season for delivery, so be sure you recheck the website if you are planning a special offer or event.
We have made our website easy to navigate, and apart from categories, you can also shop by specific brands if you quickly want to add to your cart and don’t have time to browse for new products. Pepe Saya, Ravifruit, Mighty Bakery, Barkers and Ben Furney are some of the famous brands that we believe in and that you will find on our site.  

About P.E. Foods

As wholesale frozen food suppliers, we have so many products and get so excited about them that we don’t have time to tell you about half of them. We can tell you that you will find only the best products in our shop, from La Rose Noire to frozen donuts sourced from the best, and the frozen goods are made with the best ingredients and the passion of an artisan. Contact us if you want to know more about the products we stock.