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We have years of knowledge and experience in the distribution of ingredients supplied to food artisans and bakers. We are an all-inclusive supplier of quality wholesale butter. Come through and browse our trendy and updated website to find your ideal bulk butter suppliers, whose butter will richly improve your recipes to leave your taste buds wanting more.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Pepe Saya Butter

Our distinguished brand of butter suppliers is a food artisan’s dream butter, churned by hand and made using local cream from well maintained and content Australian cows. The hand-mixed cultured butter gives the butter a unique scent and flavour. Here are some of our popular products.
  • Unsalted cultured butter. Made from 82 percent minimum fat content, the cultured cream from pasteurised cow’s milk and good bacteria undergo a process of fermentation to create the luscious buttery aroma and taste. Unsalted butter is best known for being used in baking and is a vital ingredient for any professional baker. It is literally the bread and butter of every baker.
  • Salted cultured butter. Using the finest cream and allowing it to gently ferment over two weeks, thereafter, stirring and salting it, results in an amazing taste with the surprise addition of salt. Ever eaten buttered bread at a restaurant and questioned why the butter was so scrumptious? Well, the answer lies in salted cultured butter that has a delectably savoury and creamy flavour!
  • Ghee clarified butter. It is made from fermented unsalted cultured butter, known as milk oil, after undergoing clarification by gently heating butter and disregarding the milk solids. It is an ideal accompaniment to cooking as it has a high smoke point, thus making your foods burst with a buttery flavour.

Services We Offer

We aim to bring competitive brands, each with their distinct characteristics, giving you the buyer the widest assortment of ingredients to choose from. We have displayed all the brands conveniently on our website and online store for your perusal. We also offer the following services.
  • Monday to Friday Delivery. With over 40 distribution trucks and depots in Brisbane, Townsville, and Cairns, we deliver countrywide, supplying Northern NSW, Cairns, and The Islands. We offer same-day deliveries with cut-offs for artisan’s being midnight for same-day delivery, and bakery supplies cut off is at noon for next day delivery.
  • Rebranding and an artisans division. Our website’s makeover has given our brand a modernistic 21st-century look. During the years, we have merged with many businesses and grown exponentially, and our website now reflects such growth. We have a dedicated division to Artisan and Specialty Foods in addition to our original Bakery business.
  • News, recipes, and specials. We strive to give our loyal clients a holistic experience whilst navigating our website. We offer industry-related news, innovative and mouth-watering recipes for the avid cook and baker. We also offer special discounts on ingredients, including monthly specials, thus providing a service that has a competitive edge.

About P.E. Foods

We are a family-run business servicing the food industry. We have 40 years of experience in the wholesale and distribution sector. We are advocates of Australia’s sustainable small-scale food producers. Our passion for the food industry drives us to support these small enterprises and help distribute their products to artisans, chefs, and bakers. We’re the vital ingredient in your business, bringing you over 7000 products, thus ensuring you get quality ingredients at competitive prices. Contact us today for your one-stop-shop experience.