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Truffle Grades Explained

Australian truffle season is here  and the fresh black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum).

Choose the truffles right for your particular application.:

Extra Grade Large: 
Tuber melanosporum, ripe and with good aroma. With a well-rounded shape which may include ripples in it appearance, all parts of the skin are easy to see. With a nick to show the marbling of <10% of the surface area. Slight imperfections in appearance and shape are acceptable.

1st Class Whole:
Tuber melanosporum, ripe and with good aroma. Whole truffle that has an appearance consistent with the species, including knobbles etc. With cuts to show the marbling of <30% of the surface area. Imperfections in appearance and irregular shape are acceptable including minor clean insect damage. 

2nd Class :
Tuber melanosporum, ripe and with aroma. Can be heavily cut, have superficial & clean insect damage and be of irregular shape. 

Trimmings: 1 – 10g
Tuber melanosporum, small pieces of cut truffle. Ripe and with aroma, may have blemishes. 

Stonebarn know that every minute counts from when the truffles are unearthed, so they ensure that within 24-48 hours of harvest around Australia can have perfectly ripe truffles in their hands. Stringent grading standards mean that the weight purchased represents pure truffle and, most importantly, you are guaranteed the grade and quality before it arrives on your doorstep. 

PE Foods- Artisan and Speciality Food division is currently selling various grades of fresh black truffles via pre-order. Place your order by Friday midday, the truffles will be harvested on Monday morning, and you’ll receive them by Wednesday.

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