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Tea Ganache Moulded Chocolate

Australian Callebaut Ambassador Kirsten Tibballs shares an innovative way to incorporate Callebaut Remastered with this moulded chocolates recipe. Presenting her spectacular Buccaneer Tea Ganache Moulded Chocolates.
Makes 200 individual moulded chocolates using the CW2022 half-sphere mould 30mm.

Mould Decoration


  • 10g pink oil-soluble colour
  • 1g white oil-soluble colour
  • 100g Callebaut Cocoa Butter
  • 10g orange oil-soluble colour
  • 100g Callebaut Cocoa Butter
  • 110g Callebaut W2 White Chocolate 28%
  • 2000g Callebaut Milk 823NV Milk Couverture 33.6%


To make your coloured cocoa butters, half melt the cocoa butter in a saucepan. Sieve in the colour and emulsify with a stick blender. Strain through a stocking or a coffee filter. Use at 31°C.

Using the pink colour, use your finger in one movement to paint a thin line partially away around each cavity, dipping your finger each time. Do not go over it again or it will be too thick. Allow to set at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or you’ll get moisture between the layers of cocoa butter. Repeat the process with the orange cocoa butter and allow to dry. Repeat the same process one more time with the tempered white chocolate. Scrape the surface clean using a metal scraper. Once the cocoa butter has set, mould using the tempered milk couverture and allow to set.

Tea Ganache


440g Thickened Cream, 35% fat
30g Serendipi Buccaneer Tea loose
470g Callebaut Milk 823NV Milk Couverture 33.6%
160g Callebaut Dark 811 Couverture 54.5%
40g Inverted sugar
60g Lurpak Unsalted Butter


In a saucepan, boil the cream and steep the tea for 2 minutes. Strain the cream and re-weigh to its original weight of 440g by adding extra cream. Re-boil the cream and pour it over the two couvertures and inverted sugar. Emulsify with a stick blender before adding in the butter and emulsifying again. Transfer the finished ganache into a piping bag. Once it cools to 30°C, pipe into the prepared chocolate shells. It is best if the mould sits for 24 hours at room temperature before sealing the mould with couverture. Place into the fridge for 20 minutes prior to unmoulding.

Recipe provided by Kirsten Tibbells

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