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Recipe for 1x Ø 18cm Ring

Shortcrust Pastry


  • Flour 125g
  • Butter 65g
  • Sugar or Icing Sugar 50g
  • Eggs 25g
  • Pinch of Salt 1g
  • Ground Almonds 10g


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients. Add the eggs. Beat lightly and finish by kneading by hand. Roll out between two sheets of baking paper and refrigerate. Line the tart tin with the pastry. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before baking. Blind bake with baking beans for 12 minutes at 170°C. Remove the baking beans, bake the tart again for 10 to 12 minutes at 165°C until golden

Sponge Finger Cake


  • Egg Whites 30g
  • Sugar 25g
  • Flour 12g
  • Cornflour 13g
  • Egg Yolks 20g
  • 1/2 Tip of a Knife of Egg White Powder


  1. Using an electric mixer at medium speed, whisk the egg whites and egg white powder, then stiffen with the sugar. Fold in the yolks at the lowest speed. Finish by sifting in the flour and cornflour and mix with a spatula. Use a Ø 7 piping nozzle to pipe a Ø 18 base. Dust with icing sugar. Bake immediately at 210°C for 7 minutes. Leave to cool.

Strawberry Confit


  • Ravifruit Strawberry Puree 190g
  • Ravifruit IQF Strawberries 185g
  • Glucose Powder 60g
  • Sugar 55g
  • Pectin NH 6g
  • Lemon Juice 4ml


  1. Heat the strawberry purée and RAVIFRUIT IQF strawberries to 50°C. Add the sugar, glucose powder and pectin NH mixture. Boil for 1 minute, then add the lemon juice. Cover with cling film, in direct contact with the confit’s surface, and leave to cool.

Strawberry Cremeux


  • Ravifruit Strawberry Puree 200g
  • Egg Yolks 35g
  • Sugar 35g
  • Pectin NH 5g
  • Ice Cream Stabilizer 2g
  • Butter 55g


  1. Mix the sugar, pectin and stabilizer. Heat the RAVIFRUIT strawberry purée and egg yolks to 45°C. Gradually fold in the powders. Heat to 85°C. Cool down to 30°C. Fold in the softened butter

Strawberry Glaze


  • Ravifruit Strawberry Puree 200g
  • Water 120ml
  • Lemon Juice 8ml
  • Glucose 65g
  • Pectin NH 4.5g
  • Sorbet Stabilizer 2.5g
  • Sugar 65g


  1. Heat the strawberry purée, water, lemon juice and glucose to 50°C.Add the sugar, pectin NH and stabilizer mixture.Boil for 1 minute. Cover with cling film, in direct contact with the glaze’s surface. Leave to cool for at least 4 hours.Reheat, stir and use at 32 to 33°C.

Soaking Syrup


  • Sugar 20g
  • Water 30ml
  • Ravifruit Strawberry Puree 20g


  1. Boil the water and sugar. Pour over the strawberry purée. Refrigerate.


INSERT Pour 300g of confit into a 16 cm wide, 3cm tall ring. Place in a blast chiller. Pour 400g of the strawberry crémeux on top. Place in a blast chiller again. Remove from the ring. Coat with the strawberry mirror glaze.

ASSEMBLY Place the sponge finger cake in the pre-cooked tart base and soak it in syrup. Place the mirror glaze insert on top.

FINISHING TOUCH Optional décor: strawberry flowers as in the photo

Original Recipe by CHRISTOPHE NIEL

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